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GRFace Pro - Golden Ratio Face

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Have you ever torn between beautiful face and ugly faces ?How to distinguish beautyful face vs bad face ?"GRFace Pro - Golden Ratio Face" will tell you how beautiful your facial structure.***************************How to use********************************(1). Just take a picture of yourself or anyone that you want to analyze.(2). This application will auto recognize faces, mark the positions of the eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, face ... then uses algorithms to calculate the relative distance between them, compared it to the golden ratio and return 2 pictures:## Picture 1 : Measuring the distance , scores of beautiful faces(+) A beautiful face is the face with the "golden ratio", good results if the ratio approaching the golde★n ratio.(+) Result:A. Perfect face with scores greater than 9.B. Beautiful face with scores from 7.5 to 9.C. Normal face with scores from 5 to 7.5.D. Bad face with scores of less than 5## Picture 2 : Paint a "Beauty mask" on your face. Help you easily identify your facial defect(3). Easy sharing to friends(4). You should use a good quality image, the face looks straight, symmetrical to avoid errors.(5). To understand more about the golden ratio, you should read the guide " What is The Golden Ratio" inside app.
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